Thursday, October 25, 2012


This year I was privileged to take part in the production of Minnesota naturalist Jim Gilbert's new book "Minnesota's Outdoor Wonders."  
The book just came out this month and is available where all books are sold or online.  Earlier this month, Jim and I had three book signings here on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Norton Stillman (publisher) Mary, David, Jim & Sandy

More book signings are scheduled in the months of November and December. 

November 14 (Wednesday) B & N Galleria, 7 pm
November 18 (Sunday) B& N Har Mar, 2-4 pm
November 24 (Saturday)  Bachmans Heritage Room, 6010 Lyndale Ave S. 10-12 am
November 24 (Saturday)  Magers & Quinn, 2 - 4 pm
November 25 (Sunday) Jim Gilbert's Wildbird Store, Waconia, 11-2 pm
November 29 (Thursday) St Olaf Bookstore, Buntrock Commons, 5:30-7:30 pm
December 2 (Sunday) Wildbird Store, 98th & Lyndale, Bloomington, 1-2:30 pm 
December 8 (Saturday)  Leopolds Excelsior, 1-3 pm
December 15 (Saturday) Lake Superior Trading Post (w/David Brislance) 1-3 pm 
December 16 (Sunday) B & N Duluth, Miller Mall (w/David Brislance) 1-3 pm

"Minnesota's Outdoor Wonders" is a book for all ages, young and old alike.  In my mind, the writing and photos are geared to enhance the reader's love of the outdoors and hopefully brings to mind past observations and memories.  It is a month by month chronicle of nature's happenings and beauty in both the north and south of Minnesota.

In Jim's own words: "The greatest show on earth is just outside our doors and windows.  Life is full of wonders if we only open up our eyes and use our other senses."

"This book, in words and images, attempts to capture the essence of the marvels we can observe, centered on Minnesota, both north and south.  Hopefully it will remind us of nature's wonders throughout the earth and the importance of keeping the planet healthy, clean, and safe for future generations.  We can never have world peace when we exploit the environment."

It is my hope, that you who read this book, enjoy the labor of love I present in my photos.  As there are stories that accompany the capturing of each image.  It is my hope that someday I will be able to personally share them with you.

"Nature is a revelation of God, Art is a revelation of man” ... Henry Wadsworth Longfellow