Sunday, June 21, 2009


The other day, while sitting on my favorite log in the Superior National Forest, I decided that, thankfully, some things never "change."  I was admiring the hundreds of blooming wildflowers that surrounded me and how each spring, their never ending progression was renewed.  I believe, in order to have "change", you must alter a progression or process.  In my vast wisdom... I decided that so far, the two things that haven't changed in this country, is the spring progression of wildflowers and the returning migratory birds to our ridge.

Each year I eagerly await the transition of winter into spring.  Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy what winter does for my soul; peace, quiet, serenity and snow.... but... the last 15 inch snowfall at the end of March, hastened my longing to see the first wildflower.  This is the progression in spring that never changes, at least on our Cedar Ridge.  Each year the first wildflower that appears is always the Canada Violet.  It is heart warming to see this tiny, fragile, white flower push though the "frozen tundra" of Cedar Ridge.  A veritable beacon, shining through the moss covered ledge rock.  This year the Canada Violet appeared May 7.

One by one, the wildflowers appear in their proper order.  The next flowers are the Purple and Yellow Violets, the purple bloomed May 17 and the yellow May 19.

May 23, the Marsh Marigolds appeared.

The Purple Virgin's Bower bloomed May 23.

Virginia Bluebells May 26.

Bunchberry May 28.

Baneberry June 4.

Nodding Trillium June 5.

Clintonia June 5.

Spring Beauty (Oberg Mt.) June 11.

The flag ship flower of Lutsen and our yard, is the magnificent Lupine.  I love this flower and it lights up our yard during the month of June.  

The list of wildflowers is close to endless... to the last Blue Aster that blooms in late summer and the Daisies that bloom until the first killing frost.

I think many people have memories of a special place or have a special place in their heart that is connected to flowers. Mary and I believe, that the myriad of wildflowers we see each spring day on Cedar Ridge is indeed our special place. The special place in my heart connected to flowers, was a little greenhouse in my old home town, now long gone.  This greenhouse had the pungent odor of geraniums wafting through it's open glass windows.  To this day, that wonderful geranium smell brings back memories of family, youth, good times and good people.  Each spring, our house on Cedar Ridge is surrounded by 36 potted geraniums.  A flower progression that will never change.... flowers to me are "A Touch of God."... and that is good.

Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.  ~Henry Beecher, Life Thoughts, 1858